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Religious Education Teacher (or Teacher's Aide)

Religious Education Teacher (or Teacher’s Aide): Every baptized and faithfully practicing Catholic person who loves our Catholic Faith is called to this ministry!  Our catechists follow a curriculum outlined by the Department of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Buffalo and are guided by the Director and Coordinator of Religious Education.  The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo requires volunteers (over 18) who have regular contact with children or teens to attend a “Protecting God’s Children Workshop” as well as to keep up with brief monthly training bulletins.

Gifts for such a ministry include a strong sense of the traditions of the Catholic faith, knowledge of scriptures, communication skills, a love of children and teens, an interest in education, and a sense of humor.

(Total commitment:  Two hours of class time per week and preparation time at home.)  Director:  Lisa Benzer Coordinator; Office:  652.7242; email: [email protected]