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June, 2019

Hello St. Vincent’s Families!

May the Lord’s peace be with you!

We hope that you have a blessed summer and that you continue to enjoy the bounty that the Lord has so generously bestowed upon our families!

We are very excited to have our children and families return to St. Vincent’s! We are also thrilled to receive new families who may be joining us for this year’s 2019-2020 religious education program. The variety of programs that we offer at St. Vincent’s is designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and faith based needs of our children, while maintaining and supporting the integrity of family life .

Please refer to the Registration tabs: Registration Procedure and Abuse training letter.

You can also find the Registration letter here.

Registrations Forms On-Line –Registration forms are available on the St. Vincent’s website for both new families entering our program and for our returning families.

When will St. Vincent's hold the first parent meeting? September 15th @ 10:30 AM in Walter Hall.

Can I pay using check or cash? Yes, you may still pay using check or cash. Checks may be made payable to : St. Vincent de Paul parish and may be submitted by mail: Attn: Rel. Ed. Dept. 6441 Seneca Street, Spring Brook, NY 14140 .  Please, clearly mark on envelope: Religious Education Registration.

Can I stop by the Religious Education Office to pay ?  Yes, You may hand deliver cash or checks to the Religious Education Office . Our office hours : T,W and Friday, 10-2 PM from September- May.

Religious Education Mailbox: For your convenience we have a locked mailbox on the right side of the religious education office. Feel free to drop payment off at your convenience.

May I hand in payment at the Religious Education parent meetings? Yes.