Lighthouse Catholic Media

Would you like to learn more about your Catholic Faith, but don't have time to read a lot of books?  If so, we have an exciting program here at St. Vincent de Paul to help you. In the Narthex you will see a display offering inspiring and educational Catholic CD's. These audio recordings cover all areas and aspects of our faith. They include: Advent, Lent, the Mass, Evangelization, Spiritual Growth, Insights into the Occult, Pro_Life, Marriage Enrichment, Sacrament of Penance, The Virgin Mary, The Eucharist, Jesus Christ, Kids-ages 3-11, Young Adults/teens, Pope Benedict XVI, Suffering, Family-Parenting, Prayer-Devotion, Contending for the Faith, Sports & Faith, Conversions, Wisdom of Saints, The Catholic Faith and the Bible.

Each month we try to add a few new titles to our display on these topics. We ask for a donation of $3.00 per CD so we can continue this program.

Lighthouse Media offers several other programs such as CD of the Month Club, Youth & Adult Programs, U.S. Military Faith Support and Faith Formation, and Evangelization.  If interested or if you have any questions go to Lighthouse Catholic or call me, Lucy Janiga at 655-0224. If you do make any purchases from their online sight please use our Parish code # 14752 so that our parish will receive credit for it.

The CD I would like to highlight is the "The seven Last Sayings of Christ" by Scott Hahn. The seven last sayings of Christ have been the subject of prayer and inquiry by Christians for two thousand years. In his revealing presentation, Dr Scott Hahn unlocks the deeper significance of our Lord's word, carefully chosen so that  we might better understand His plan for salvation. Comments on this CD:  I believe this is one of Dr Hahn's finest talks. His deep insights and passionate explanations of our Savior's dying words will resonate in my heart forever!" Anne - Sterling VA;  "Truly impactful! This talk takes you directly to the Cross in the most profound way!" Tom- Aurora, IL.